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Medium: Plaster, Gesso, Indian Ink, Cold Wax on Birch Panel

30 in x 40 in




In the “Behind the Form” series Fino Prydz is investigating forms that have been saved in his visual rolodex and he lets them come through in their most primal way - a black and white color scheme. Several layers have been laid down to create a background for the forms to rest on, these layers have later been sanded down to expose the steps that have been taken to get to the right stage. The goal is to achieve a compositional tension, reminiscent of the feeling of growth and development, this tension is further explored by splitting up forms and reconnecting them with negative space - symbolizing time and pending processes. Reaching – almost touching- the promise of one day meeting.

Fino Prydz is a Norwegian visual artist based in New York City


Untitled 13 by Fino Prydz

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