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Artwork Size: 30 in x 40 in

Medium: Oil and Arcylic paint on Canvas


Giants in the Sky is a fine art abstract landscape painting by Tracie Cheng. This contemporary piece features interweaving layers of purple, black and white paint in soft brush strokes, and is an excellent addition to your living space or art collection. 


About the artist:


Tracie Cheng’s work portrays otherworldly organic forms inspired by the multilayered dimensional of topographical maps. A delicate interplay between meticulous linearity and fluid strokes imbues the canvases with a beguiling character, while diaphanous clouds of color create a sinuous sense of movement and luminous intensity. The works display a complex aesthetic character in which vibrant energy and composed calm coexist, establishing a uniquely dynamic balance that is at once ethereal and sublime yet grounded and temporal.

Giants in the Sky By Tracie Cheng

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